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Minister Diana Bell

First Lady and Co-Pastor

If a smile can explain it all, it would belong to Co- Pastor Diana Bell. If Co- Pastor Bell’s smile can’t illuminate and uplift your spirit no one else besides God can. Truly, this is a woman that is full of kindness, peace, and love. If looks can kill, then her smile can last a lifetime. Diana D. Bell was the third of four children, born January 9, 1960, to the late Mr. Alee Wallace and the late Mrs. Rosa Wallace. As a child, Co – Pastor Bell spent most of her time, and later began to live with her grandmother, Gertrude Achron. Co – Pastor’s grandmother helped shape her into the woman that we all have grown to love today. As a child, Co – Pastor Bell was very serious about God. She enjoyed going to church and received Christ at an early age. She has always been an encouragement to people because, like McDonald’s old slogan, she loves to see people smile. Co – Pastor Bell always and still does want people to believe in themselves. Because of this, Co – Pastor Bell believes in working with a person so that the best comes out of him or her; she will continue to work with that person until he or she is able to stand for himself or herself alone with the help of God. As a member of this prestigious church, Co-Pastor D. Bell held many titles such as president of the adult choir, president of the mission circle, deaconess, member of the usher board, treasurer of many organizations, church chef, director of the church’s child development center, and member of the trustee board (which she is currently still a member.)   In her earlier years of schooling, she had a dream of one day having 2 boys and 2 girls and prayed for an ambitious husband. As we know, God does answer dreams. Co – Pastor married our current pastor, Bishop Reginald Bell, and she had four astonishing children named Tamika, Reginald Jr., Regina, and Christopher Bell, respectively. Having a strong and united family is her greatest and most prized accomplishment. She also thanks God for her children living a saved and God-fearing life because she knows without God a person has nothing. She constantly prays for her children to have a successful and happy life and to always put God first. Co – Pastor Bell believes and teaches that we all should strive and attempt to have and keep a close and loving family.

The Bible Way House of Prayer

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