The Bible Way House of Prayer

"A church that believes in giving everyone a chance"

~ Couples Meet:

This occurs the first Friday or Saturday of every month. This gathering is designed to help couples strengthen their relationships. We talk, play games, eat, discuss
marital issues, and assist each other so that we all can have a strong and healthy marriage.

~ God Provides Food Bank:  

We collect and donate food to those in need. If you have questions about this ministry, please contact the church.

~ Family Movie Night:

This is a night where parent(s) and child(ren) can watch a wholesome
and family oriented movie to strengthen family bonds and ties with one another. 

~ Monday Prayer Walk:

This is an activity that occurs on every Monday when individuals meet
up at the church to pray to the Lord, give thanks, fellowship, and EXERCISE!
It’s a new technique to get the saints in shape for this spiritual journey as
well as getting in shape for our natural journey.

Text to Give: Type GIV2TBWHOP to 502-650-9147