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The Bible Way House of Prayer

"A church that believes in giving everyone a chance"

Bishop Dr. Reginald Bell

Sr. Pastor

Although a multitude of words can be used to depict Bishop Bell, only one can really recapitulate this man of God. The word that can best characterize this faithful servant is love because this is all he has for God’s people. Bishop Reginald Bell was the second of four children, born August 20, 1957, to the late Mr. Henry Bell and Reverend Willie B Bell. Although Mr. Henry Bell never confessed to being a minister, he was constantly lead by God to help those in need. Also, Reverend Willie B Bell didn’t proclaim her ministry until late in her life, but God extended her time on earth to preach His Gospel to the unbelievers. As children, often times being the second of four children, the middle child feels that he or she is being overlooked for not being the oldest or the youngest. Bishop Bell found himself in this same situation. He tried many things growing up and nothing seemed to satisfy his desire of being a part of something. However, in the summer of 1978, Reginald Bell gave his life to Christ and became a member of Mc Calla AME Zion under the leadership of Reverend Alfonzo Petway. After becoming a child of God, Bishop Bell finally felt like he became a part of something and he felt needed.After two years with Mc Calla AME Zion, God called Bishop Bell to visit The Bible Way House of Prayer, Inc. for the first time in the winter of 1980 and the next Sunday he became a member of this prestigious church. While listening, understanding, and implementing God’s Word that was being taught to him under Bishop Clinton and Mother Dorothy Ansley, God began to bless and use Bishop Bell in a miraculous way. Bishop Bell became a Sunday school teacher, the chairman of the deacon board, and later a minister. But, before Bishop Bell acknowledged his ministry, he attempted to keep it a secret because his season to confess his ministry had not come. In 1986, Bishop Bell acknowledged and accepted his call to preach and teach God’s word. Bishop believes in being obedient to leadership; it is one of his philosophies. Because of his obedience to his leaders, God made him a leader to watch over His people. Bishop became Senior Pastor of The Bible Way House of Prayer, Inc. in the summer of 1991. Bishop knew that this task was of high value and honor and accepted this position with pride and gracious gratitude. Because of Bishop’s humble attitude and obedient spirit, God continually anoints him with His wisdom and uses him to help deliver God’s people. Throughout his early ministry, Bishop Bell introduced the proposal to purchase a 15 passenger van and a 29 passenger bus for God’s people and through Bishop Bell’s leadership and the members’ tenacity, the church was able to purchase these items debt-free. God then gave Bishop a vision of a new sanctuary because souls were constantly being added and the old sanctuary became too congested. In 1998, the vision can into fruition and our dedication service was held and 9 years later we are still thriving. In 2003, after 12 years of leadership, Bishop Bell heard a voice from God saying, “What is your vision as pastor?” Not understanding what was being said, God asked Bishop again and again. God was letting Bishop Bell know that He chose him to pastor. God was informing Bishop Bell that he was still carrying out his pastor’s dreams and not fulfilling his own. Realizing what God was informing him, the last 3 years of Bishop Bell’s ministry, Bishop Bell has been pursuing the visions, dreams, and aspirations God has given him which is to reach out to the youth so that they can become kings and queens in the Kingdom of God. In 2018, Bishop Bell received his Honorary Doctorate Degree from St. Thomas Christian University. Currently, the response from the youth has been terrific and Bishop believes that the Lord is pleased. Because of this new methodology of preaching, Bishop formulated the church’s motto as being a church that believes in giving everyone a chance so that the gift God has given to a person can be manifested.